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 Jinan rongqian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as a & T rongqian intelligent) is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the R & D, production and sales of analytical instruments and software products. Focus on providing first-class scientific test instruments and total quality control solutions for automobile manufacturing industry, spring bolt manufacturing industry, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes, industrial products manufacturing industry, quality inspection department, food, drug industry, household appliances industry, etc.
The company's main products include:
A & t-tps series automatic spring separator
A & t-tpj series automatic spring fatigue testing machine
A & T series analytical and testing instruments
A & T rongqian intelligence constantly pursues the concept of "embracing all rivers, being tolerant, being dry all the time, and being alert at night". It firmly believes that "tolerance, preciseness, innovation and accumulation" are the fundamental concepts of enterprise development, and people-oriented is the fundamental foundation of enterprise development.
A & T rongqian intelligent is committed to helping customers succeed, employees develop and brands are respected.
A & T smart R & D and production of instruments not only meet domestic standards, but also meet the requirements of ISO, ASTM, TAPPI and other international standards. A number of technologies have obtained patent certificates and have independent intellectual property rights. At the same time, through the software copyright certification and other authoritative certification. At the beginning of the design of the instrument, we read a variety of test standards at home and abroad to meet the requirements of the instrument in various fields at home and abroad. The production and measurement of instruments refer to the national standards for the production and measurement of meters, and are higher than the requirements of the specifications.
A & T rongqian intelligence always adheres to the market-oriented and customer-centered; it pays attention to the product quality and user experience, and constantly upgrades and optimizes the product quality and service according to the needs of users, continuously improves customer satisfaction, and strives to create value for customers, centering on the product spirit of "pursuing extreme user experience" and "creating high-quality artworks". As a high-tech enterprise with many scientific and technological innovations and independent intellectual property rights, the company is injecting new vitality into the analytical and testing instrument industry with a global vision and cutting-edge research on analytical and testing technology, and makes unremitting efforts to promote and change the industry upgrading.
A & T rongqian intelligent has a group of professional and technical personnel engaged in structural design and computer software and hardware design for a long time. It can not only provide customers with conventional products, but also rapidly develop special products with special functions on the basis of existing products to meet the actual production needs of customers.