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Quality improvement and application promotion of domestic te

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Quality improvement and application promotion of domestic te

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Recently, the meeting of "quality improvement and application promotion of domestic testing instruments and equipment" was held in Beijing. The testing instrument industry is known as the recessive "military industry". Its innovation, manufacturing and application level reflect the level of science and technology and industry of a country. With the progress of science and technology, detection instruments have been widely used in industrial production, food safety, environmental protection and other fields.
The quality promotion and application promotion meeting of domestic testing instruments and equipment aims to help enterprises formulate standards and improve product design quality, so as to reverse people's prejudice against domestic testing instruments and promote the transformation of domestic testing instruments and equipment from large to strong.
During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the national or provincial product quality supervision and inspection and testing institutions undertaking the task of product quality inspection and testing are equipped with high-grade and precision testing equipment; the inspection institutions below the municipal level are equipped with a large number of basic equipment and rapid detection instruments. At the same time, the emergence and development of the third-party testing institutions also led to the demand for testing instruments.
In addition, with people's attention to food safety and environmental protection, the market prosperity of food safety testing equipment and environmental protection testing equipment has also been promoted. According to relevant data, in 2016, the market scale of China's food safety testing instruments exceeded 10 billion yuan, and the market of environmental monitoring instruments reached 4.4 billion yuan.
The huge market demand also drives the development of China's testing instrument industry. Rongqian intelligent is born in such a big environment. Rongqian intelligent has high-level professional and technical personnel combining theory and practice. The product belongs to medium and high-grade technical level, and the key technical indicators such as reliability and stability of test data all meet the domestic advanced standards. All kinds of product testing instruments (mfy-02a negative pressure sealing tester, nly-02 torsion tester, zpc-160a axis deviation tester, rfy-02 heat sealing tester, ydy-20n tablet hardness tester, msc-02a friction coefficient tester, wlj-02a electronic tensile tester, bkj-02 peel tensile tester) independently developed by rongqian intelligent Co., Ltd. serve all kinds of production enterprises to improve product quality Universities, research institutions to test the precise value of the target; to serve the government agencies remote monitoring of various engineering data; to serve the interests of all consumers; to serve all industries and fields. Continuously and deeply carry out quality improvement actions to effectively improve the overall quality level.