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Sealing tester 02A

Application range:
It is suitable for sealing test of packaging bags, bottles, tubes, cans and boxes in medicine, food, daily chemicals, electronic components and other industries.
Executive standard:
GB/T 15171、ASTM D3078
Main features:
·Embedded system, patent technology
·Touch screen operation
·Embedded software, flat design, intuitive, easy to operate
·Print the experimental results
·Test data of TFT true color liquid crystal display
·High precision inlet pressure sensor built in
·Inlet pneumatic components
·Automatic constant pressure, automatic unloading
·Multiple overload protection
·Energy saving and environmental protection design, ultra-low power consumption
·Configurable standard serial communication interface
·It can support laboratory data management system and realize unified data management (purchase)
Technical indicators:
Vacuum degree: 0 ~ - 95kpa
Accuracy: 0.1% FS
Effective size of vacuum chamber: Φ 270mm × 220mm (H) (standard configuration)
Φ 360mm × 590 mm (H) (optional)
Φ 460mm × 330 mm (H) (optional)
Note: other sizes can be customized
Air source pressure: 0.7MPa (supplied by user)
Air source interface: Φ 6mm
Power supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Overall dimension: 320mm (L) × 490mm (b) × 140mm (H) of main engine
Vacuum tank φ 300 mm × 350 mm (H) (standard)
Net weight: 12kg
Product configuration:
Standard configuration: mainframe, vacuum tank, printer
Optional accessories: non standard test device, non-standard vacuum tank, supporting software, laboratory data management system





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