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Friction coefficient meter mcs-01a

It is suitable for the determination of static and dynamic friction coefficient of plastic film, thin sheet, aluminum foil, paper, paper plastic composite film, cardboard, wood, brake pad, wiper, tire, conveyor belt, hair, metal, carbon rod, catheter, artificial skin and other products.
Executive Standards
GB 10006、GB/T 17200、ISO8295 、ASTM D1894、TAPPI T816
It integrates patents and other technologies with independent intellectual property rights
Support GB and ISO standard method test
It supports various non-standard test methods and is a good assistant for scientific research and material research
One click operation, simple and convenient, that is, you can learn
Embedded software, flat design, intuitive, easy to operate
Energy saving and environmental protection design, ultra-low power consumption
High precision imported sensor, high precision test results, good stability and repeatability
Support button and screen touch operation
Support any slide mass test
Support test on specimens of any thickness
The maximum value, minimum value, average value, standard deviation and other data statistical analysis functions are embedded
Permanent storage of historical data, embedded with historical data query and printing functions
Static friction coefficient and dynamic friction coefficient test
Standard test speed, non-standard speed can be customized
The built-in micro printer can realize real-time, historical data and report printing
The mechanical and electrical multiple protection functions ensure the property safety to the maximum extent;
Equipped with standard serial communication port and professional computer software, the value of test data can be maximized
Support Ethernet communication and facilitate data networking
Support laboratory data management system to realize unified data management (purchase)
Test range: 5N, 10N, 30n (optional)
Test accuracy: 0.2% FS
Support stroke: 70mm (customizable)
Slide mass: 200g, 500g
Test speed: 100 mm / min
Sample height: 0-30mm
Power supply: AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Power: 21W
Overall dimension: 650mm (L) x 340mm (b) x210mm (H)
Net weight: 22kg
Standard configuration: host, micro printer, color screen, 200g slider, 500g slider
Options: supporting software, communication cable, non-standard slider, calibration accessories, extended function module, laboratory data management system





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